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Rodney holmes

Artistic Director & Owner

From a young age, Rodney has loved every facet of performing and visual arts. After stumbling into a theatre class during his freshman year of high school, the proverbial “acting bug” left its mark in Rodney’s life. After nearly ten years of performing and teaching, he has made it his mission to nurture artists of all ages, and provide them artistic opportunities.

As an advocate for theatrical education, Rodney has jumpstarted the educational programs of five different theatres country-wide in the span of seven years. He has always strived to instill a sense of pride, professionalism, versatility, and a love of the arts in every single child that he crosses paths with. Giving children the ability to thrive in any performance-based environment has been Rodney’s raison d’être. Rodney holds numerous regional and national titles for his direction and choreography, including an award for Best Overall Production Choreography/Direction in the nation.

After receiving an education at the University of Northern Colorado, Rodney hit the ground running to begin his professional career. As an industry professional for almost seven years, Rodney has been afforded the opportunity to work in multiple regional theatres in both Colorado and Florida. When he’s not on stage, or in rehearsals, Rodney can be found manning the helm of a lighting board, constructing costumes, props, and sets, and doing all he can to learn about every single variable that makes a production truly successful.

Rodney’s only goal as an artist, teacher, and humanitarian is to foster a community where the arts can thrive, and artists can be celebrated. His belief is that art, as one of the earliest forms of communication (dating back to the days of the caveman) must be honored and cherished each and every day.

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